When you choose ALLSPECT, an experienced professional who truly likes his business is on your side.  ALLSPECT isn’t a big, impersonal company.  We get personal pleasure from giving personalized service and receiving praise from our many satisfied customers. 
Michael Gardocki
Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), meets and exceeds the rigid code of ethics and standards of practice.  While the ASHI standards are quite detailed, their intent is easy to understand and provides:
  • That members maintain a high degree of professionalism
  • That they remain impartial
  • The they profit only by payment for services performed and have no interest in the sale of the property they’re inspecting
  • They offer opinions only on matters in which they are experienced and knowledgeable
*ALLSPECT is glad to provide a copy of  the ASHI standards on request.
Know what you’re buying!
A professional inspection by ALLSPECT is the best way to know there won’t be any costly surprises. A comprehensive evaluation by ALLSPECT gives you:
  • PEACE OF MIND from having factual information about the condition of the house
  • POTENTIAL SAVINGS because knowing the hidden problems gives additional negotiating power
  • ACCURATE EVALUATION of the scope and cost of improvement projects
  • KNOWLEDGE of the operation and maintenance of unfamiliar systems.
  • ONGOING TELEPHONE CONSULTATION for as long as you own the home
Improve your marketability!
Real Estate professionals agree that small amounts spent presenting your home at its best pay you back many times over with high offers and quick sales.  ALLSPECT pre-sale inspections offer:
  • ADVANCE INFORMATION to prepare you for seller inspections and price negotiations
  • MAXIMIZATION of the price you receive

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Interview with Mike Gardocki on Connecticut for Sale

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